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The world is a union of personals with diverse dialect. Languaza serves as the string of communication in a unified platform. In the rising web of content entrepreneurship, the need and necessity of making the contents available in numerous language is an absolute prerequisite. Thus, translation work is intricately associated with the working regime of content personals. At Languaza we make it a point to carry out every translation work with great care and precision. We massively invest in the good resources who efficiently work to translate without compromising on the meaning and essence of the content. The interpretation of the content remains the same no matter which language medium is chosen to let the idea flow. Languaza, headquartered in Tuticorin at Tamil Nadu, specialises at catering digital services along with translation work. We believe in serving each client on real time basis and with 100% conviction. Customising the service is a culture we endorse on. You are sure to trust us on our professionalism and the quality of delivery.

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We believe that communication means transference of the essence of thoughts. Hence we utilize the latest techs & professionals to translate the language of different literary contents into new medium while retaining the core concept.

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Audio messaging and podcasting are quite popular these days but on the other end of the mic we have a screen. Our transcription services write down any & every audio with precision for better readability of the content.

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It is always better to know something in its mother tongue but it is often difficult to learn the language. Hence we came forward with premium subtitling service for the betterment of understanding while enjoying the aboriginal flavor of interaction.

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Globalization is the path to prosperity yet to cater services to a wider audience localizing the service is the only way. Our localization will assist the clientele to interact on a more personal level reaping better outcomes.

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Certified Translations

Translation services is one of our premium services at Languaza. We have obtained certification from various forums on the credibility & proficiency of our translation services. Perfect translation with professionalism is our deliverable.

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Miscommunications are very detrimental for both personal & professional lives. With our interpreting skills & technology, we make sure no part of speech & content is lost in translation and the interaction is fruitful.

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Languaza offer an entire portfolio of communication and consultancy solutions that can help you expand your reach and enjoy a competitive edge in the market, irrespective of the challenges and complexities involved.

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