Translation and Transcription Careers

We are a thorough and wholehearted believer of the fact that our employees are the backbone of Languaza. They are behind the efficiency of our work and the anchor of our success. We strictly adhere to prioritising our employees. Their comfort matters prodigiously to us. Our door is always open for vibrant, efficient, enthusiastic and talented personals ready to add real value to the organisation. We are in perpetual search of dedicated personals with an edge towards going beyond the known and creating the better. Amalgamation of diverse ideas has always produced brilliant results for us. The unique mix of experienced and fresh employees has successfully created a sustainable balance in our endeavour. Thus, we welcome both freshers and experienced human resource. We utilise the experience of the skilled personals in the domain of translation to guide the new comers. Being on the rising part of the curve, Languaza has a host of unique job roles to offer. Our refreshing work culture lined with modern technology is great to keep the adrenaline rush live among the employees. Personals with a mindset complementary with us are welcomed to join our team and plunge into the adventurous journey.

Why choose Languaza?

Languaza is not just a company, it lightens up a culture. The culture is to boost up the workforce and provide the finest experience to the clients. We believe in contributing positively to energise our people and to nurture them in order to bring out the best in them. We invest to tap the masked talent of our people which has proved to deliver unconventional output for our clients. Our employees and clients are the two main pillars of our motivation and success. Choosing us will enable you to get the best service with efficient and optimum outcome through the most favourable use of time. In Languaza ingredients like trust, confidence, solid knowledge base and stellar application of technical knowledge amalgamates to produce the best dish possible. The drive to not just optimise revenue but to equally concentrate on the quality of service and the end outcome has demarcated us from our competitors. Trust us and we will never let you down.

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